The importance of granulometry in chocolate for vending

9 June 2022
Granulometry chocolate for vending
The quality, flavor or origin of the cocoa are important attributes when choosing a chocolate for vending machines. However, there are other lesser known factors that determine how the chocolate will be, for example: granulometry

What is granulometry?
The granulometry of a soluble product is the size distribution of the granules that forms it. In the case of cocoa, when we talk about its granulometry, we refer to the size of its granules, which determines the entire process of making a chocolate cup.

Importance of granulometry in chocolate for vending
As we mentioned, quality or flavor are important factors in a chocolate. Although these are always decisive, when we talk about soluble products for vending machines, the granulometry is another factor to be taken care of, especially in products as porous as chocolate for vending machines.
A good level of granulometry will ensure that the chocolate powder does not cake at the bottom of the drink, nor does it clog the machine’s canister or shaker. Vending machines offer hot drinks at a certain temperature, so the granulometry must be suitable with the temperature given, and in this way, it will dissolve without problem in milk or water.
In other words, the chocolate must have a constant density and dosage, both to maintain the good condition of the vending machine and to dissolve it well in the vending cup.
The grain size that best meets these characteristics is between 0.2 and 2 mm.

Laqtia chocolate granulometry for vending
At Laqtia we have analyzed in detail what is the best granulometry level for chocolate from vending machines, to achieve the highest quality and the best flavor for a hot drink. In addition, we work with the same supplier of cocoa since we began to manufacture and sell it, which has allowed us to know its quality and the best way to work with it.
What is more, we consider that solubility is as important as granulometry. In order for these attributes to maintain their maximum quality, we recommend that size of granules must remain stable, with the least degree of humidity possible and uniform.
The solubility comes from a well-dosed machine, a correct temperature and extraction system, and a suitable mixer.
In addition to taking care of grain size and solubility, at Laqtia we use first class high quality raw materials and a suited production process, which allows us to obtain high quality standards in our chocolate for vending machines.