Advantages of organic instant and granulated milk for vending machines

17 March 2023
Advantages of organic instant and granulated milk for vending machines
Consumers' growing concern for their health and concern about the environment has boosted their interest in sustainable and ORGANIC products.

In fact, according to data from the Ministry, 55.2% of Spanish households already consume some sustainable product and it is expected that, worldwide, organic food and drinks will reach a turnover of more than 518,000 million euros, which represents an annual growth rate of 13%.

Why do consumers demand more healthy products such as organic milk?
The health benefits associated with the consumption of organic products are the main reason why consumers are increasingly demanding this type of beverage and, according to a report by the Spanish Association of Manufacturers and Distributors (AECOC), a high percentage of consumers choose milk (along with fruit and vegetables) to start with this type of food.
The second aspect is care for the planet and the environment. Especially after the pandemic, half of the world’s consumers have acknowledged the impact of their daily decisions on the environment, which has increased their concern for the safety of the planet, people who populate the planet and their food.

Organic milk
Organic milk comes from organic farms that comply with all the regulations that certify animal welfare, respect for the environment and sustainable development. In this way, livestock live in welfare conditions of freedom and natural food free of free of transgenics, herbicides and pesticides.
Furthermore, they must guarantee that no added synthetic chemical products or transgenic organisms (GMOs) have been used in their production.

Advantages of incorporating instant and granulated organic milk into your vending machines
Consumers prefer natural beverages whose production process does not use added chemical products, pesticides or fertilizers.
By incorporating organic (BIO) soluble milk into your vending machines, you will not only answer to this new consumer demand; but also, you will improve the perception of your brand by being acknowledge as a brand that is actually committed to consumer’s health and the environment itself
To this end, at Laqtia we have our range of organic instant drinks “Laqtia Roots” made with ingredients from chemical-free and respected conditions of livestock in organic farming.
Our Laqtia Roots granulated organic milk is made with milk from the best producers in Europe and will be a guarantee of quality for your consumers.