Advantages of soluble organic milk for vending machines

23 October 2022
Organic Milk Laqtia
Organic milk (BIO) is increasingly demanded by consumers who requires healthy and sustainable products.

Organic milk (BIO) is increasingly demanded by consumers who requires healthy and sustainable products.

How is soluble organic milk different from traditional milk?

For a soluble milk to be considered organic, it must comply with the regulations defined by the European Union, guaranteeing both animal welfare and product quality.

Organic milk comes from cows that are health-controlled using natural methods and live on organic farms, where they receive a healthy, natural diet and consume quality-controlled water. The animals are not housed and are fed with the highest quality grass and fodder from natural pastures, where no herbicides, pesticides or synthetic fertilisers are used, also always GMO-free.

Cows from organic farms are milked less frequently and suffer less stress, which can have a positive effect on the quality of the milk.

Only from this type of cattle and with this care, it is possible to obtain soluble organic milk that can be certified as “ORGANIC”.

Why use ORGANIC milk into your vending machines?

Society is becoming more and more aware and concerned about health, the environment and sustainability. Consumers are becoming more rational and their consumption decisions are increasingly based on quality.

BIO and organic products, free of additives, are registering significant sales growth worldwide, especially in developed countries.

Well-being and health have therefore become a priority for consumers, as well as sustainability. According to Kantar’s Sustainability Sector Index, 80% of consumers want to be sustainable and opt for products that have a positive social/environmental impact and respect the environment.

What are the advantages of organic milk for vending machines?

By incorporating organic soluble milk in your vending machines

– You will respond to the demand of today’s consumers by offering them healthy products in line with current wellness trends.

– Also, by incorporating Laqtia Roots organic milk, you will offer drinks that are better for our health, contributing to the environment and to small producers and their families, as it is produced under decent working conditions and bought at a fair price to support the sustainable development of farmers.

– You will expand the range of beverages available in your vending machines.

– You will show your customers your commitment and respect for the environment, its conservation and care for natural resources and respect for the work of men and women involved